How to Find Kenmore Refrigerator Size by Model Number [2024]

Kenmore is considered a well-known and trustworthy brand in producing top-notch refrigerators. There are a number of refrigerator models produced by Kenmore keeping the demand and some new advancement in mind. As every model differs in size or dimensions, but how you can find the Kenmore refrigerator size by model number? Or how to the measure the size if you are unable to find out the model number?

We all know overstocking the refrigerator causes severe effects on its proper functionality. Not only the air circulation blocks but also the refrigerator gets unable to cool down the produce. The issue can only be resolved by knowing the right size of your fridge to fill the spaces accordingly. Therefore, we are here to make you determine the Kenmore refrigerator size by model number.

In the read, you’ll get to know the procedure of how to calculate the size of a refrigerator through a model number and other useful ways if the model number has not worked for your case.

Kenmore Refrigerator Size by Model Number

The size of the refrigerator provides the actual volume or space that can be occupied without causing overstocking and understocking. Every model of Kenmore refrigerator comes with a specified size to store food and ingredients.

The more commonly used Kenmore refrigerator models numbers with their sizes are;

Kenmore 106: 20.7 cubic feet

Kenmore 596: 25 cubic feet

Kenmore 253: 18 cubic feet

Kenmore 363: 21 cubic feet

Kenmore 795: 22 cubic feet

Kenmore Fridge Size by Model Number

Kenmore Fridge Size by Model Number

Every Kenmore model number is designed with different fridge and freezer size that also sometimes depends on the orientation or style of the refrigerator. If you are searching for the fridge size that can best meet your requirement then luckily we have got some selected model numbers to best help you determine the Kenmore fridge size by model number.

Let’s check their fridge capacity from top to bottom one by one;

Kenmore Model Number 596

The 596 model of Kenmore refrigerator comes with the most spacious capacity. It is the prime choice for those with large households. The bottom mount 596 refrigerator is equipped with a modern fridge able to store large items for a long.

Usually, the dimensions of the bottom-mounted refrigerator are 28 to 33 inches in width, 66 to 70 inches in height, and 34 inches in depth. If you are looking for the same range for your food storage, we recommend choosing the 596 Kenmore refrigerator.

Kenmore Model Number 795

If your budget and requirements are less than large then Kenmore 795 fits the bill. The bottom freezer refrigerator is perfectly designed by keeping high, quality and efficiency concerned buyers in mind.

We guarantee you the fridge capacity of 17.5 inches contain enough compartments to store your all-size food. The 33 inches French door provides easy and stylish access to a fridge. Overall, the 795 refrigerator of Kenmore is a smart featured appliance with ample fridge storage that you ever admired.

Kenmore Model Number 363

The third most wide and ample refrigerator in our list is the Kenmore model 363. The amazing width of 21 cubic feet proves more than enough for large food supplies. The manual says it is a top-mount refrigerator with a wide and multi-storage compartment fridge.

Small items like beverages, snacks, etc. can be easily stored inside the door shelves, while glass shelves are best reserved for large food items. It may not come up with advanced stylish features but is highly recommended to those searching for ample storage room under a reasonable price.

Kenmore Model Number 106

Model number 106 Kenmore refrigerator is another optimal choice for those looking for spacious fridge storage. It comes with a fridge size of around 15 cubic feet, which is relatively smaller than the 596 and 795 Kenmore models but still can accommodate a wide range of food items.

363 and 106 models slightly differ in size, 106 can prove less spacious than 363 however, the top mount style best contributes to providing a wide cold compartment to the 106 models. Luckily its temperature can be easily adjusted between 33 to 41ᴼF. Among all, the glass shelves and other large and small storage spaces make the fridge best store any size of food supplies.

Kenmore Model Number 253

Kenmore 253 model lies in the medium size refrigerators. It is not ideally designed with wide space in mind however, contains multiple storage spaces to keep the food cool for a long. The total capacity of 18 cubic feet is only best for small and medium items.

Make sure to choose the 253 model when your requirement is not more than large.

How To Find Kenmore Refrigerator Size

Measuring the Kenmore refrigerator size by model number can prove a bit tricky if this is your first attempt, it is always suggested to look up the easiest way to find out the size.

How To Find Kenmore Refrigerator Size

However, if you get unable to find out the Kenmore refrigerator size then look up the following means;

Find Out the Model Number

The model number provides the easiest way to determine the size of the Kenmore refrigerator. For example, if the model number is KYU17, then the size is 17 cubic feet.

However, it doesn’t work with every model number.

Search on the Internet

Online searching is the quickest way to determine the right size. Mention the model number and one click will display the size you were searching for.

Another way could be to directly visit the Kenmore website and grab the information about your refrigerator’s complete specifications. You can also contact the manufacturer and ask for the required information without any hassle. The manufacturer’s contact number is mentioned on the label inside the refrigerator.

Know the Standard Size of Common Refrigerator Styles

Have you ever wondered about the standard sizes of common refrigerators? If not, we have you covered by letting you know about the most common refrigerator sizes depending on their orientation.

Mini style: Due to the compact design, the mini refrigerator comprises the smallest volume between 1.7 to 5 cubic feet.

Top-mount style: The most preferred and commonly used refrigerator style is the top-mount. The top mount refers to the freezer fitted at the top. The dimensions include 24 to 35 inches wide, 65 to 68 inches height, and 25 to 32 inches depth. In cubic feet, the size is around 16 to 25 cubic feet.

Bottom-mount style: Inverse to the top-mount, the freezer of a bottom-mount refrigerator is located below and opens like a drawer or door. It comes with the standard dimensions of 28 to 33 inches wide, 66 to 70 inches height, and 34 inches deep. After converting to cubic feet the size becomes 22 to 24 cubic feet.

Side-by-side style: Side-by-side style is another unique design that seems like a cupboard containing your favorite drinks, snacks, and other items. However, the style only comes under the range of high-paid owners. The side-by-side fridge comes with a spacious capacity of 30 to 35 inches in width, 66 to 70 inches in height, and 28 to 35 inches in depth or conversely 20 to 28 cubic feet.

French door: French door and side-by-side styles are often compared in terms of their orientation and capacity. French door refrigerator style has a drawer freezer below and a large refrigerator compartment at the top. They are best known for their unique features and use. French door refrigerators are 29 to 35 inches wide, 66 to 79 inches tall, and 30 to 34 inches deep, or a total volume of 19 to 30 cubic feet.

Use Dimensions to Find Out Volume

If you are still wondering about the right size of your Kenmore refrigerator, fortunately, we have another way for you.

Inside every Kenmore fridge, there is a label clearly stating the size of that specific model with other specifications. Sometimes inside the fridge, only the model number and other electrical specifications are mentioned. In this case, check the freezer which may contain another label. It would be better to have a volume on it although it may contain length, width, and height using which you can calculate the volume manually using the formula volume=width*length*height.

Usually, the dimensions are given in inches, to convert them into cubic feet divide the complete multiplication with 1728.

Factors to Consider When Determining Kenmore Refrigerator Size

It is always essential for the buyer to look up some factors while deciding on any Kenmore refrigerator size to avoid problems in the future.

Available Space for Kenmore Refrigerator

Do you have enough space to fit 22 cubic feet or 25 cubic refrigerator? It should be the prime concern of the buyer to finalize the best possible space and then decide on the refrigerator size accordingly.

If your requirement is more than large then it is suggested to go with a built-in refrigerator system. It best accommodates the large size fridges while no need to let them occupy a wide space. However, small-size refrigerators are allowed to grab a space without installing a built-in system. But before make sure to measure the space manually and compare it with the fridge dimensions to leave no space for refrigerator installation issues.

Number of People in Household

The number of people you are is another factor that best determines what size refrigerator you need. 18 and 20 cubic feet of Kenmore refrigerator is a perfect fit for small or medium households. Mini-size fridges can also play a role if the household comprises of maximum two persons.

On the other hand, large families, including kids, can best enjoy the 25 cubic feet refrigerator with ample storage to keep the items of every person.

Energy Efficiency

As a rule of thumb, the larger the refrigerator size larger will be energy consumption. 16 to 20 cubic feet is the refrigerator size considered the most energy efficient to buy. Conversely, large refrigerators not only prove heavy on the wallet while purchasing but also consumes more energy to run efficiently.

So make sure to consider the energy efficiency of the refrigerator size you are deciding to buy.


Among all, budget plays an essential role in deciding the refrigerator size you are allowed to buy. It can hinder even large households to exclude some requirements and go with the less spacious size. It should be the prime concern of the buyer to look at the wallet before deciding on a 25 cubic feet refrigerator.

Therefore, do some pre-workout, compare the needs with the budget, and finally decide the right size for your new Kenmore refrigerator.

Where to Buy a Kenmore Refrigerator

There are a number of places available to buy a Kenmore refrigerator of your choice. Some of them include:

Online Stores

Online stores are the most convenient way to buy Kenmore products and appliances. There are a number of online platforms that sell Kenmore appliances e.g. amazon, Kmart, Sears, and Lowe’s.

For more direct access visit Kenmore’s online store and get their online selling platforms.

Department Stores

If you are more concerned about quality and want to manually test the appliance before purchase, visiting department stores are another great option. Department store displays the appliances and products of well-known national and international brands providing a wide range of consumer goods in a single place.

Moreover, in online shopping, there may exist a chance of having a defective product at the end or you may fail to install it properly due to lack of guidance. At the department, the sellers guide their best to the buyer on how to install it properly and remain available to encounter every query.

Secondhand Marketplaces

The secondhand marketplace sells products at quite reasonable prices for those having a light wallet. It proves the best purchasing domain for most people, however, with a compromise that the appliance is a used one.

Cheap price is no doubt an advantage of secondhand stores but your Kenmore refrigerator may fail to last longer and the parts become defective after some.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a Standard and a Counter-Depth Kenmore Refrigerator?

Both fridges differ in storage capacity or size. Standard depth refrigerator provides the spacious capacity to store all your food and ingredients. While counter-depth refrigerators are smaller that provide a shallow approach to the food than standard depth it also makes them the best fit for narrow kitchens.

How Do I Determine the Best Kenmore Refrigerator Size for My Household?

Firstly, know your kitchen space and walk away. Secondly, determine your food storing requirement which can also be judged through the number of family members you are. Thirdly and most important is know your wallet if it can afford a luxury size or not.

How Often Should I Clean My Kenmore Refrigerator?

Depending upon the size of the refrigerator you have, a deep clean after 4 to 5 months can prove respected behavior for your fridge. This period will prove enough to keep your food and ingredients away from bacteria and maintain a good environment in the fridge.

How Do I Fix Common Kenmore Refrigerator Problems?

You may have two approaches to fix your Kenmore refrigerator problems; hire a professional or use DIY methods. Hiring a professional is the safest and quick method to fix your fridge and freezer issues however can demand some money to spend. The DIY method is a less safe approach but in regard can make you professional if you continue to fix parts by yourself.


Now you have better grabbed the idea of how to find out Kenmore refrigerator size. The first method is to use the model number, the other ways could be to use the dimension method and calculate the size manually or know the standard size of common refrigerator styles.

It’s never tough to find out how wide and spacious your Kenmore refrigerator is, it is only required to know what ways are always available to get rid of the situation.

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