Maytag Neptune Dryer Won’t Start | 6 Troubleshooting Steps

Maytag appliances are considered the best replacement to quickly wipe off daily household activities. Their dryers promise quality working and help in quick drying despite the weather conditions.

However, with constant use, the Maytag dryer parts may get worn out and demand service and repair to get back to working condition. With that said, the owner needs to have a comprehensive Maytag Neptune dryer troubleshooting guide to diagnose and fix the problem without using a service call.

The common Maytag Neptune dryer problems include the dryer not starting, the dryer not spinning, the dryer timer not working, and more. In this article, we will be showing you our research on common causes of these problems and how to solve them.

6 Troubleshooting Steps for Maytag Neptune Dryer Won’t Start

It feels the most frustrating when you have a bunch of clothes to dry but the plan ends up in the dryer won’t start. There could be several reasons associated with the problem, we are mentioning some of them below;

1. Check the Power Supply

In the first attempt of diagnosing the cause the Maytag dryer won’t start checking the main power supply.

If the power switch is worn out or the outlets are faulty the dryer will not respond to pressing the start button. So check the main switch and power outlet, and replace them if found defective. If the issue persists look for the next troubleshooting methods.

2. Door Is Not Closed Properly

Maytag dryer never starts when the door is half opened. The door sensors send signals to the control board not to run the cycle and the dryer remains off even when the start switch is pressed.

Door Is Not Closed Properly

Therefore double check if the door is closed properly. If the issue persists check the door latch or main control board.

3. Faulty Start Button

The start button could be at fault when you notice the dryer won’t start. For inspection, press the start button, if you hear a humming sound but the dryer is not starting it means the problem is not with the button. And if you don’t hear any noise then the start button might be worn out.

Locate the button, test it using a multimeter, and replace the button if required.

4. A piece of Cloth Stuck in the Blower Wheel

Another possible reason why your Maytag dryer won’t start is that a piece of cloth or any object is stuck in the blower wheel. Due to this, the dryer produces unusual sounds and faces resistance in starting the motor.

Try removing the blower cover and check for any piece there. To avoid the problem in the future double the clothes pockets and take out all the objects inside so that nothing gets stuck in the machine.

5. Malfunctioned Dryer Motor

On beginning the dry cycle, if you notice an awkward humming sound and the dryer seems unable to start properly then the problem might be with the dryer motor. The dryer motor turns the spinner and the blower wheel which helps in quick drying.

If the motor is malfunctioned the drum fails to turn and produces noise. To address the issue locate the motor and check it’s working. If found defective call a technician to replace the motor.

6. Check the Control Board

You have checked the power supply and the start button, but they are working well. No piece of cloth or faulty dryer motor is resisting the Maytag dryer to start then the last part to inspect is the main control board.

The control board is the main circuit that entirely controls the working of any machine by sending and receiving signals from sensors. If it gets faulty then no other machine part, working in good condition, can take its place.

Therefore, on the way to start the dryer check the main control board and replace it if required.

Maytag Neptune Dryer Won’t Spin

Another common issue with the Maytag Neptune dryer is that it turns ON but stops spinning. Either the machine requires a reset or any part needs to be replaced that is keeping the drum from spinning. For self-troubleshooting the expert advice is to test the following areas;

Damaged Drive Belt

With the use of overtime, the drive belt in a dryer gets worn out and cracked and needs to be replaced periodically. The drive belt connects the dryer drum with the dryer motor which results in smooth spinning of the drum. To test the drive belt, spin the drum with the hand. If it turns without friction then the belt must be broken.

Reach out the drive belt in a dryer and confirm the cracks on it. Then replace it with a new one.

Faulty Dryer Timer

Maytag Neptune dryer also stops spinning when the dryer timer is found defective. The purpose of a dryer timer is to adjust the heat when the dryer cycle begins. A defective timer not only stops the drying process but also fails in heating.

To address the issue, take a multimeter and test the continuity of the timer. If found defective check the wiring diagram for accurate replacement.

Faulty Dryer Timer

Insufficient Input Power

The insufficient input power can stop the spinning cycle when the start button is pressed. Check the wiring, power outlets, and switch buttons. A loose power plug will also fail to supply sufficient voltage to the dryer. If any of the parts are found faulty replace it.

Defective Idler Pulley

The Idler pulley in a dryer is responsible for providing tension to the drive so that it can rotate efficiently. The defective idler pulley generates less tension and also sometimes produces a rattling noise which alarms about the blockage in drum spinning.

To address the problem, locate the position of the idler pulley test and check if it is rotating freely. If the idle pulley feels resistant or found defective, replace it.

Drive Motor Overheating

When the drive motor in the dryer is overheating it causes the drum to stop spinning until the motor cools down. It is usually inspected by the discontinuous running of the motor.

To solve the issue, take out the drive belt and first, check the blower wheel if it is clear of any stuck objects. If the blower wheel rotation is normal, the problem might be with the drive motor.

Replace the motor if found faulty or call a certified technician to do the work for you.

Check the Control Board

The last part of the Maytag Neptune dryer when it has stopped spinning is to troubleshoot the main control board. When all the above components are working perfectly then the problem might be in the control board of the dryer.

To check and troubleshoot the control board make sure you possess good technical skills. Otherwise, we would suggest to consult a technician.

Maytag Neptune Dryer Squeaking Noise

The squeaking noise of the Maytag Neptune dryer is the most concerning and can be pointed towards the defective or worn out part of the dryer. If you are a non-technical person or didn’t have dealt with such an issue with your Maytag dryer then eliminating the noise can prove a frustrating and daunting task.

To make the troubleshooting and repair easier we have done the hard work for you to investigate the problem.

Squeaking Noise From The Front Of The Maytag Neptune Dryer

When you hear a noise coming from the front of the dryer then the issue might be with the idler pulley. The Idler pulley is normally responsible for providing tension to the drive belt. If the idler pulley fails to do the task, gets worn out, or is damaged, it starts creating a squeaking noise and also sometimes stops the spinning drum.

The problem can be removed by locating the idler pulley and inspecting its condition. In case of professional help, try a service call to the Maytag at 800-344-1274. If it needs to replace the idler pulley, search for the new one from the Maytag parts store.

Squeaking Noise From The Back Of The Maytag Neptune Dryer

In a Maytag Neptune dryer, multiple components are located at the back and if the squeaking noise is originated from that region then all the parts need to troubleshoot to eliminate the problem.

On accessing the back, check the drive belt. The drive belt wraps around the dyer drum and helps the drum in smooth rotation. From continuous use, the drive belt gets worn out and cracked which also blocks the spinning and consequently creates noise as the motor rotates. Check the belt’s condition and replace it if required.

Defective roller shafts and drum bearings are the next components to replace or repair when the squeaking noise is coming from the back. Drum bearings are located inside the dryer cabinet that supports the drum.

They are self-lubricated at the time of manufacturing but with continuous use, they get worn out and generate rattling and squeaking noise. Lubricating the drum bearings periodically can temporarily resolve the issue but it is better to replace them to completely eliminate the problem.

Next, the roller shafts are pin-like shaped on which the drum bearing rotates and supports the drum. Hairs or dust on the roller shaft are clear signs of wear that can be addressed by simply replacing the shafts. While inspecting the drum bearings, it is better to check the shafts along and do the replacement.

Squeaking Noise From The Bottom Of The Maytag Neptune Dryer

The squeaking sound is often heard from the bottom when the dryer is facing issues like unleveled or loose installation or faulty motor. When the dryer is not leveled or the legs are loose, it is more likely to tip from the sides and create a vibrating sound when the start button is pressed.

To level the dryer or tighten the legs lay down the dryer on its back. To avoid scratches or damage make sure to have a towel underneath. Take the wrench and tighten the legs. In case of any damage to the legs try replacing the older ones.

Dryer Maintenance Tips

Now you have come through how many problems your dryer can be occupied with. The only remedy to avoid such issues is to list down the dryer maintenance tips and save the costly service calls.

Let’s have a look at the simple care tips your Maytag Neptune dryer needs to have for a longer life;

  • Clean or wash the lint screen after every cycle. The lint screen captures the lint during the drying process and the residue layer is formed on the screen, causing the blockage of airflow in the dryer, when ignored. Therefore, remove the lint screen and clean it when you are done with the drying of clothes.
  • Ovoid throwing excess clothes in the dryer tub. Overloading can slow down the process and you may also get semi-wet clothes at the end. Distribute the bunch of clothes into segments and conduct more dry cycles for efficient results.
  • After a long use, you may notice that your dryer shakes when dealing with the clothes. Try tightening or replacing the legs of the dryer to eliminate the issue.
  • It is often for the lint and debris to get settled down in the ventilation tube even if the lint screen is clean. An obstructed vent prevents the hot air from getting out of the dryer and consequently increases the chances of fire hazard. When cleaning the lint screen is cleaned, take the vacuum and remove the obstruction from the vent pipe or try replacing the in case of excess clog.
  • The process to do at least once in a year is clean the inside of the cabinet. Use a vacuum cleaner to catch the lint or residue, otherwise, take a soft cloth and clean the walls and floor of the dryer.

Final Words

Maytag Neptune dryer is considered a reliable appliance when it comes to dealing with a bunch of clothes quickly. However, with the use over time, the components of the Maytag Neptune dryer might get worn out, cracked, or damaged and require serious repair.

Hence this guide is prepared to help in troubleshooting of the Maytag Neptune dryer and identify the part causing the issue in the smooth functioning of the machine. We have enabled you to deal with issues and repairs with your dryer.

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