Ge Profile Dishwasher Troubleshooting Control Panel (6 Ways To Fix It)

The control panel not working properly is the most common issue found with the Ge profile dishwasher. Someday when you load the dishwasher but find that the start button is no more can be the most annoying situation you may get to face and search a solution for.

No worries! We have held your back by preparing the guide containing six simple steps for the Ge profile dishwasher troubleshooting control panel. The control panel might not be responding due to faulty buttons, worn out fuse, and panel display. The damaged connections of the main control board can also be the root cause of the control panel not working.

To diagnose the issue we have mentioned here how to troubleshoot the defective control panel of the Ge profile dishwasher. Also to assist you in repair or replacement some DIY solutions will be suggested to address the issue. Let’s take a start.

Ge Profile Dishwasher Troubleshooting Control Panel

We suggest you troubleshoot your appliance in the following seven ways, detect the problem and try the DIY solution given;

1. Check Power Supply

If you see the control panel not responding at all, the buttons seem to have zero power and the panel lights are off then your dishwasher might not be receiving the required power.


Firstly, confirm if the power supply is actually ON. Check the wiring and power outlet, if there is any damage replace it. If the installation is new and the dishwasher is receiving no power then we suggest consulting the technician or company who has installed it.

2. Test the Buttons

Buttons working improperly is also one of the reasons behind the defective control panel. That said, corrosive ribbon cables or loose connections may also be causing some buttons to stay shut.

Test the Buttons


To address the issue, simply open the panel and locate the ribbon cable. Clean the cable if any rust or corrosion is found. Double check the connections of buttons with the control board, and tighten the wires where required.

3. Control Lock is ON

Control lock, also called child lock, when activated makes the control panel or buttons stay unresponsive when pressed until turned off. The advanced feature is installed in dishwashers and other home appliances to keep the machine from the children’s disturbance and complete the cycle on time.

Control Lock is ON

Search the control lock button on the panel, if you see the blinking light then it must only be the issue behind the bad control panel.


To deactivate the feature and communicate with your Ge profile dishwasher control panel, simply press the control lock button for no less than three seconds. If the light disappears it means the feature is off, otherwise, press the button again.

4. Faulty Touchpad

In the dishwasher, the touchpad is where the current working of the machine is displayed e.g. wash cycles, button status, and error codes when there is a fault with the dishwasher. Sometimes only a faulty touch pad causes the owners to replace the entire control panel which results in an expensive and unnecessary process.


Before reaching out to the control panel, replacing the touchpad can simply solve the issue. To replace the touchpad, first open the inside panel by unscrewing the screws.

Locate the control panel and disconnect the ribbon like wire connecting the touchpad with the control panel. Now take any soft plastic tool to peel off the touchpad. Once it is removed, it is suggested to clean the surface with adhesive cleaner and wipe off the residue for new things.

Take the new touchpad with peeled off back. Now carefully paste it to the place and press the surface with a finger. You’ll have the new touchpad on your Ge profile dishwasher.

5. Malfunctioned Thermal Fuse

The next component that may have disturbed the working of your Ge profile dishwasher control panel is the damaged or worn out thermal fuse. Thermal fuse acts as a protector in a dishwasher which keeps the components safe from overheating. When the tiny fuse is blown it not only shuts the control panel but also unable the dishwasher from proceeding with the wash cycles.

A blown fuse also indicates that any of the dishwasher component wires are short e.g. in the thermostat or heating element.


The solution is to first troubleshoot the thermal fuse and check continuity to confirm if this is the device behind the faulty control panel of the Ge profile dishwasher. That said, in a dishwasher thermal fuse is easily accessible near or next to the main control board. You may find the thermal fuse under a translucent cover, simply remove the cover using a screwdriver or any flat surface tool.

Once you have the thermal fuse, take the multimeter and set the probes at the conducting side of the fuse just to check the continuity of the electricity path. Set the multimeter to the minimum value of ohms. If the multimeter shows any value then the fuse is good, otherwise, the fuse is blown which needs replacement.

6. Faulty Control Board

If your Ge profile dishwasher is not lacking in any of the above components then the final troubleshooting step left behind is to check the control board. Minor damage in a control board can shut down the entire dishwashing program and requires good technician skills to troubleshoot or replace the board.

However, for every dishwasher problem troubleshooting the control board should be the lattermost step because of the sensitivity it holds in checking and replacing.

Faulty Control Board


In Ge, the dishwasher control board is located below the dishwasher. Remove the kick panel by unscrewing the screws. Also, take out the upper panel and disconnect the wires connected to it. Also, remove the wires from the control board. The control board may be pasted on the panel, to replace the board unscrew the screws.

Now take the new board, place it carefully on the panel, and reverse the above process.

How To Reset Ge Dishwasher Control Panel

More often, resetting the appliance resolves the issue associated with the machine not working or not starting. The method can also be processed to activate the diagnostic mode in the dishwasher and read the appliance issue through error codes.

First, consult your Ge profile dishwasher manual to reset the appliance. If the process doesn’t work in your case we suggest following the below steps;

  • Put the dishwasher in standby mode
  • Press and hold the ‘start’ and ‘cycle start’ buttons for 5 sec.
  • For test mode press and hold the ‘cycle start’ button for 5 sec.
  • Every time to activate the next test press the ‘cycle start’ button.
  • To stop the test mode press the ‘start’ button or disconnect the power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

My Ge dishwasher won’t start but has power, what’s the reason?

There could be multiple reasons why the Ge dishwasher won’t start but has power. Fault door latch, problems with the water supply or inlet valve, and wrong cycle setting are the primary causes. If the issue persists try troubleshooting the main control board.

What to do when the Ge dishwasher has no lights on the control panel?

We suggest checking the main power supply, power outlets, and wiring to confirm if the dishwasher is receiving the required voltage to turn ON the control panel. Also, make sure the child lock is not activated. If the issue persists a deeper diagnosis of dishwasher components e.g. display panel, control board, thermal fuse, and door latch, is required.

From where I can get the Ge dishwasher troubleshooting manual?

Ge helps its customers with appliance service and repairs through the Ge dishwasher troubleshooting manual. The page is particularly designed for Ge appliance users to fix issues through uploaded videos and comprehensive guides. So if you ever get stuck with your Ge dishwasher we recommend consulting the Ge dishwasher troubleshooting manual.

Simply visit the page, let Ge know about your problem through the search bar, or select the relevant questions given that is more closer to your problem, and grab the easy solutions to it.

Final Words

Now that you have learned how to troubleshoot the Ge profile dishwasher when the control panel not starting, we expect you to follow the steps carefully if deciding DIY.

Make sure to shut down the power and water supply. Uninstall the dishwasher if the part to be replaced is located below or behind the appliance. To keep the components healthy and well-conditioned conducting appliance cleaning sessions.

At any stage if you feel unable to find out the root cause or repairing or replacing electrical components is not your job then it is suggested to consult the Ge appliance service center for professional help.


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