Kenmore Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry (2024 Fixes!)

Kenmore is appraised for producing quality home appliance appliances, but what if your Kenmore washer not spinning clothes dry either after a few days of installation or years back? Surely it can cause the most frustration to you and rush you to search for the DIY solution quickly while saving the service call.

Fortunately, we have worked out the possible reasons behind the Kenmore washer not spinning clothes dry. It can be the insufficient laundry load, faulty lid, problem with drainage, or broken motor coupling that is causing the inconvenience.

Make sure that the spin setting is correct. A faulty control board and inlet valve are the last components to troubleshoot when the ones before them are operating accurately.

If this is your first time with appliance failure, you may feel unable to troubleshoot properly and repair or replace the faulty components. In this case, we suggest calling a professional to save time to avoid further damage.

Reasons Why Your Kenmore Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

There are multiple reasons why your Kenmore washer fails to spin clothes dry. We have explained below the eight leading causes to help you troubleshoot as many areas of the washer to diagnose the problem quickly and fix it;

1. A Problem with the Laundry Load

Excessive laundry placed in a dryer inappropriately creates a mess inside and can cause the washer to stop spinning. A person not familiar with laundry dealing is most likely to get caught by this issue.

Clothes having spacious space inside a dryer enables the machine to function properly while giving spin clothes at the end of the cycle. So make sure to avoid excessive loading.

In case of more clothes distribute them in smaller groups and spin them separately. Overloading the dryer can also take more spinning time with the risk of wrinkles on the clothes. The issue can be avoided by keeping in mind to fill the dryer at least three quarters.

Moreover, to enhance the spinning washed tangled clothes must be separated before placing them in a dryer.

2. A Problem with the Use of Detergent

The type of detergent and the quantity used matter the next when your Kenmore dryer passes the first inspection test. Non-high-efficiency detergent creates suds residue in a dryer and demands long runs while using more water. The residue can also lead to an unpleasant smell which can only be removed by using HE (high-efficiency) detergent.

A Problem with the Use of Detergent

In the same way, excessive laundry detergent proves unsafe for both clothes and dryer functioning. Too much detergent not only turns the soft clothes into scratchy and unpleasant to wear the next time but also proves heavy on the wallet.

The suggested limit of detergent to use in a dryer is 2 tablespoons for heavy loads and 1 tablespoon for average loads. For more accurate information about the use limit, check the back side of your detergent. Also for effective results use HE detergents which also lower the use of water in a dryer.

3. Faulty Washer’s Drainage

The washer that won’t spin or spin abnormally is most likely to have been affected by the poor drainage system. The next component to troubleshoot when the Kenmore dryer not spinning clothes dry is the drainage system.

The drain hose, filter, and drain pump are the components normally considered the family of drain mechanisms in dryers which are to be examined properly.

Check the drain and release the kinks or twists if found. Also, make sure the hose is clogged-free otherwise use a pressure drain cleaner to remove clogs. The next is to inspect the drain pump deeply.

A minor breakage can prevent the water from draining which will end up wetting up the clothes inside. If the pump is found broken, replace the pump and turn ON the dryer to check if spinning.

Moreover, the height of the drain is more than suggested also leads to the dryer wont spinning. Double-check the hose height, it must be between 30 to 96 inches.

4. Faulty Lid Switch

The lid switch acts as an ON/OFF indicator in the washer. The sensors installed in a switch transmit signals to the control board to operate the machine when to start or remain OFF. When the switch is closed washer starts the cycle, if it is even slightly opened you’ll notice the appliance not starting.

The same issue might be happening with your Kenmore washer if it has stopped spinning. To address the issue locate the lid switch in a washer, normally placed underneath the main top. Close the switch if found opened and start the washer.

If the washer still fails to spin then the lid switch assembly needs to troubleshoot through continuity. Take the switch and place multimeter probes on it, if the switch shows no continuity then the part is defective and needs replacement.

5. Broken Motor Coupling

The bad motor coupling is the next component you might find broken or worn out while troubleshooting the Kenmore washer not spinning.

How to know if the motor coupler is broken? Well! You have set the wash timer on your Kenmore washer. After some time you notice no progress, which means the spinner is not operating and the clothes-dropping water indicates that the motor coupler needs to troubleshoot. With this issue, the appliance also sometimes produces noise whenever you try to set the timer again.

Broken Motor Coupling

To address the issue, drain out the water from the washer’s tub. Then take out the front cover of the washer by unscrewing the screws and removing the wire connections.

On accessing the motor, located below the dishwasher, you’ll find the motor coupling. Its defectiveness can also be guessed by its worn-out appearance. Replace the component and turn ON the washer to check if the problem is gone.

6. A Problem with the Capacitor

The damaged capacitor in a washer also results in jamming the spinner of the washer. Generally, two types of exist in washer ‘starter capacitor’ that controls the spinner’s speed and ‘run capacitor’ that operates continuously. However, modern washers do not have starter capacitors, make sure to check in your case.

Take a multimeter and test the continuity of the capacitor. If found defective replace it.

7. Incorrect Spin Setting

Selecting the right wash or spin settings helps minimize the problem of dipping clothes at the end. The setting selection majorly depends upon the load or the type of clothes you have loaded into the washer the gentle or delicate option takes longer and slows the machine.

For heavy loads adjust the spin setting that can cooperate accordingly and give quality performance. If your Kenmore model has delicate or slow spin options, never select them if you need a quick response.

8. Defective Control Board

The control board, as the name indicates, behaves as a control room for any appliance. It manages all the connections and operations of the machine from the door latch sensor, water inlet mechanism, and drainage system to the control panel of the washers.

Shortly, if any connection or component of the control board is weak or defective your Kenmore washer will fail to operate successfully.

For non-technical consumers, we suggest consulting with a professional to troubleshoot the control board. Check the connections and components, if any are found defective or worn out look for a new control board. In case you fail to find the one make sure to repair the board correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why my Kenmore washer drum has stopped spinning?

There could be two possibilities; the drum not spinning at all or has stopped spinning in the middle of the cycle. If the drum has stuck between the wash cycle check for the obstruction that has disturbed the spinning.

Otherwise check the worn-out motor coupling, faulty drainage, broken log switch, and control board if the drum is not spinning at all.

DIY method to repair/ replace a defective control board?

The control board is the most important and sensitive component of any machine. If your Kenmore washer has stopped spinning and you are doubting the damage in the control board, we suggest consulting a professional for repair or replacement.

Final Words

Kenmore is a brand known for its supreme quality appliances while guaranteeing long-lasting ability. However, no appliance lasts longer unless cared for and maintained properly.

Your Kenmore washer components may get worn out with time and fail to spin the clothes dry. To solve the problem we have already explained the detailed troubleshooting of the parts to know why my Kenmore washer not spinning clothes dry. We have to have delivered the best of the information. At any stage while troubleshooting or repair/replacement try a service call to Kenmore engineers.

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