How to Reset a Frigidaire Dishwasher in 3 Easy Ways (2023)

Frigidaire is a reputable brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality home appliances. When it comes to finding a dependable dishwasher, Frigidaire is often at the top of the list. However, there may be a condition that your dishwasher runs out of working or failed to begin the wash cycle properly and you need to reset the Frigidaire dishwasher.

In this read, we will be discussing the ways how to reset the Frigidaire dishwasher and enhance its working. Also containing the Frigidaire dishwasher error codes to get able to read them correctly and diagnose the problem accompanying it.

How to Reset a Frigidaire Dishwasher

There are multiple ways available to reset a Frigidaire dishwasher. If one doesn’t work in your case, move to the next;

Method 1: Soft Reset

  1. Open the dishwasher door.
  2. Locate the ‘start/cancel’ button on the control panel
  3. Press and hold the ‘start/cancel’ button for at least 5 sec
  4. Wait for the dishwasher to reset
  5. After a few minutes, if your dishwasher failed to reset then move to the next method

Method 2: Power Cycle Reset

  1. Turn off the dishwasher
  2. Wait for the dishwasher to reset
  3. Plug the dishwasher back in and turn it on
  4. If your dishwasher still failed to reset then move to the next method

Method 3: Switch off the Circuit Breaker

  1. Disconnect the main power supply for a few minutes
  2. Troubleshoot the problem
  3. This will help resolve the issue and reset the dishwasher

The best way to determine what method works for your model is to find the spec sheet. It is normally located behind the kick plate and follow the mentioned steps.

Verify the Frigidaire Dishwasher Reset

After implementing the above methods, how would you know if your Frigidaire dishwasher has been reset or not? Well, it’s pretty simple. There are two ways to confirm the resetting of the dishwasher;

Verify the Frigidaire Dishwasher Reset

Checking for Error Codes or Warning Lights

Resetting a dishwasher means restarting it with a canceled previous operation. This means that the machine would turn off completely and a new wash cycle will be appointed.

After implementing any of the above reset methods there may appear an error code on the control panel indicating a malfunctioned part. Some Frigidaire models also flash lights which also means an error with the machine that needs to be fixed immediately. If you have prior technical experience and also understand the Frigidaire dishwasher error codes then better go with fixing the issue by yourself. Contrarily try contacting a professional.

Running a Test Cycle

After pressing the start/cancel button or turning off the power supply, it is suggested to run a test wash cycle just to confirm if the dishwasher has reset or not. If you notice the machine has run the previous cycle, try the resetting methods again.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes

Error codes are the quickest way to indicate the faulty parts of the dishwasher. Frigidaire dishwasher also has several error codes that persist for troubleshooting but most of the users feel unable to understand them. For convenience, we are listing down some Frigidaire dishwasher error codes along with the steps to remove them;

Error Code LO

When the rinse aid dispenser is empty or less than required, the LO code appears on the control panel. The error can be addressed by refilling the dispenser with a rinse aid.

The rinse aid dispenser is located inside the dishwasher door. Open the dispenser cap and fill it with rinse aid. Close the cap, and restart the dishwasher the error should have been removed.

Error Code CL

CL error code indicates that the dishwasher door is not closed properly. Double check the door and close it properly. Make sure the dishes are loaded in the right manner so that no glass or pan is coming in the way to close the door.

If the error persists check the door latch and replace it if found faulty. As the last attempt to remove the code, check the connection of sensors with the main control board. This issue may require you to hire a professional.

Error Code PF

PF error code stands for power failure. It means the dishwasher is not receiving sufficient voltage to begin the operation. You may need to check the main power supply. Also, check the dishwasher switch and power outlet if they are in good condition to supply the incoming voltage.

If the issue persists then try turning off the dishwasher for a few minutes and turn it back on. The dishwasher will get reset with no error code on the control panel.

Error Code HO

The error code HO points towards the low water temperature or faulty heating element. To wash the items properly, the dishwasher demands water temperature to a specific standard level. When the temperature is low the error code appears for the user to check the temperature.

The heating element in a dishwasher is also responsible for heating the water required for every wash cycle. We also suggest checking it’s working. Normally it is located on the floor of the dishwasher. Remove the element and check the continuity using a multimeter.

Error code I10

When a low water level is detected in the dishwasher i10 codes appear on the control panel. In the first attempt, check the water supply and turn it ON properly. If the water flow is normal, check the water inlet valve and remove the clog if found.

If the issue persists, inspect the hose pipe. Sometimes due to the kinks, leaks, or clogs the flow of the water gets affected sending little or no water in the dishwasher.

Error Code I20, I40 and IF0

These three codes indicate that the dishwasher filters are clogged and the drainage system is malfunctioning. To clean the filter, remove the washer arm that is normally located on the floor of the dishwasher. Also, pull out the assembly placed below the washer arm and the things properly. Fix the things in its place and test if the code is removed.

Error Code I20, I40 and IF0

Another solution could be to check the drain line and remove kinks and leaks if found.

Error Code I30

The i30 error code alarms for water leakage from the dishwasher. The leakage can cause unnecessary water on the floor and can also prove harmful to electrical wires if placed on the floor while switching into the socket.

Check the water inlet valve and replace the part if causing any leaks. Cleaning the pressure sensor can also solve the problem. Moreover, when the dishwasher is not leveled it fails to clean the dishes properly while also end up in water leakage results. Call a professional and thoroughly inspect the dishwasher if it is leveled properly on the ground. This not only improves the efficiency of the dishwasher but also prevents the errors like i30.

Error Code I50

The error indicates the defective drain motor of the dishwasher. The issue can simply be resolved by resetting the dishwasher. Either turn off the machine or press the ‘start/cancel’ button for three seconds. On turning it back ON, the error should be removed.

Error Code UF

UF error code means the vent system of the dishwasher is no more. The vent fan helps in drying the dishes quickly. When the fan gets faulty it fails to blow the hot air in the dishwasher and you may receive wet dishes at the end of the cycle.

Check the vent motor and inspect its working. If found defective replace the motor.

Error code Er

The Er error code points toward any faulty button on the control panel. It is required to check the connection of the buttons with the main control board. You may need to call an engineer if you didn’t have done any repairs to the control board.

Error Code hs

The problem concerns the hall sensor error and points toward the defective motor. To address the issue, make sure the connection between the motor and the main control board is fine. If the issue persists try replacing the motor or main control board.

Error Code RE and RF

Both types of error codes alarm about the fault with the rinse aid reed switch. RE means the switch is closed within the dispenser and RF means the switch is open. The issue should likely be resolved by refilling the dispenser otherwise replace the dispenser.

Seeking professional repair

Sometimes while resetting a dishwasher you may encounter further issues like error codes, flashing lights, or any malfunctioned part resisting the reset process. To minimize the further damages, we suggest seeking professional help. Frigidaire engineers are factory trained and equipped with 400 tools to solve the issue at the first meet. They also promise in providing dishwasher maintenance advice to reduce the problems in the future.

Final Words

Normally, the dishwasher is restarted or reset when you have mistakenly pressed the wrong cycle, or you want to load more dishes or remove some. We have mentioned the multiple resetting ideas to help recover the mistake and operate the dishwasher correctly.

If you still encounter an issue, contacting a qualified technician is an ideal decision to remove the problem efficiently.

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